To choose a Museum in London

by arjamatkalla


Last time I was in London I visited the Tate Modern, The National Gallery and The National Portrait Gallery. Since I love portraits – both written and painted/photographed – the last one of the three I’ll probably visit once again in May. However, I thought I also might visit the Victoria & Albert Museum, not necessarily because I’d be so interested in porcelaine and china, but because I happened to read A.S. Byatt’s The children’s book last year. It was wonderful fiction about the British Arts and Crafts movement and the artists of that time – and about the sad ending of that golden age with the first world war. Last time I actually stayed next to the Victoria & Albert Museum but didn’t even consider visiting it! Both V&A Museum and the Natural History Museum were too much at that time. I watched the skating rink in the garden of the latter and just passed by for other engagements and bookshops. In any case, that’s why I love literature: it makes you want things you never thought you would. It opens up the worlds you never knew before.

Besides the V&A Museum I might visit the British Museum, at least some interesting exhibitions there, like this one:

I have been to the British Museum once – in the early 90’s, but now I’m more into something more intimate and less ancient. The above link interests me though. I’m sure the British Museum has something interesting to offer even if I only have some spare time; besides it’s in the neighbourhood anyway.

The Saatchi Gallery was mentioned by my colleague today, and perhaps, dont’t know yet, I might go there too. More likely, I’m going to be so busy with studying and moving from one place to another, that I might just visit some smaller museums or galleries ex temporĂ©, without planning it beforehand.

There are some writer homes that interest me (like Keats House) not to mention Shakespeare’s Globe theatre. I guess, in the end, I’ll just follow my intuition and pop in to some place that comes to my way. Better keep my eyes open.

Still two months till London… Counting days. Take care until the next time.