The Spring is here

by arjamatkalla

I’m sure that you in London are expecting the Spring finally bursting in as much as we here in Finland. Some days ago I read in a Finnish newspaper that an Englishman had sent an angry letter to the Finnish Embassy in London accusing us Finns for the harsh winter. Hmmm. The staff of the Embassy is planning to send a nice greeting from Finland to this active British citizen. However, I think we Finns cannot be accused for this climate phenomenon as attempting it might seem. We might have done something wrong but climate changes are not only in our control.

We will switch our clocks next weekend to the summer time so I think it was about time that some ice broke on the seashore of Helsinki today, Tuesday, 26th March 2013. This link below shows how there were a hockey game going on on the sea two days ago and how today the ice is gone. It’s still pretty cold here during the nights but above 0 °C in daytime.

Be patient, spring is nearly here – and there!äsjää+vaihtui+avovedeksi+Helsingin+edustalla/a1364267115442