No bath in Bath

by arjamatkalla

It’s been a week now since we arrived in London. During this time I’ve witnessed two great football figures’ retirement (Sir Alex Ferguson and soon-to-be-Sir David Beckham, garden gnomes appearing in the 100th Anniversary of Chelsea Flower Show and many other things as well. I’ve read more about football than ever and reading all kinds of newspapers discovering new words and expressions witnessing the change of English language. I even got to see the appraised David Bowie exhibition, which was really worth seeing.

I’ve had great moments in double-deckers chosen randomly, seen new areas of London, met new colleagues and friends, visited places like The Daily Telegraph, had many cups of good coffee and none of the famous English tea. The journey continues today with a visit to Wimbledon; kind of a pilgrimage to me since I’m a true Wimbledon and tennis enthusiast.

The title of this post refers to my excursion to the city of Bath yesterday. What a nice city it is! Unfortunately we had too little time to really discover it but I would like to go there again one day. We also saw the Stonehenge on our way to Bath. Impressing, yet tourist-crowded. It may be that I’m not going to have enough time to visit Oxford, though.

Still can’t load any photos here, sorry. I’ll load them later, I promise! Have a nice w-e!