Photography, part II

by arjamatkalla

ImageIt seems days are just flying away and I am trying to catch them while they fly. Remember to breath every now and then…

I still have many errands to run and some unexpected things to be done before I take off to London but I hope that the weather there will be more of the summer than of the spring/winter. Will I need a winter coat (hope not) or do I manage with summer clothes? My aim is to travel light but we’ll see how I manage with that. (Btw. The late Finnish author and illustrator Tove Jansson has a short story collection called Travelling light, original title in Swedish: Lätt bagage.

Yesterday I went jogging (had my second running session this spring and it was… well, a bit exhausting would be an understatement), but to my delight the first wood anemones (lat. anemone nemorosa) had appeared in the forest near the local airport (see the photo above).

The National Mothers’ Day will be celebrated on the 12th of May in Finland and little self-picked bouquets of wood anemones will most likely be given to the mummies by their little girls and boys in the morning when mummies are woken up with a song and breakfast brought to bed.

A little bit longer until I actually get to London but in the meanwhile, enjoy some extraordinary photos of old Finnish people photographed with dignity and yet with a blink in the eye. Check out this site!