London Calling

Welcome to my London blog! I'm Arja and in this blog I will share some of my experiences of London this May. I have a priviledge to participate in the English language course for Finnish journalists in London and this blog is about learning to write in English. Please feel free to correct my writing at any time. I hope I can convey some of the atmosphere and insights through this medium to those who are interested.

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Let it snow in March

We’re all looking forward to spring here but last night the nature showed us our place when it comes to weather. We have shoveled a lot of snow today… This picture is taken in the morning by the Helsinki Cathedral’s staircase. Due to hard wind the snow piled up randomly: it looks like there was at least a metre of snow falling from the sky last night but actually there wasn’t quite that much.  However, we had a beautiful sunny winter day today.

And this is how we deal with in Finland.


Edith Södergran in London tube

This blog starts in the tube, below the famous streets of London. Namely, in order to begin this blog with something I went to the internet and googled for poems about London. Found out there is a poem introduced in the tube of London every day – and guess what: today’s poet is a famous poet from Finland, late Edith Södergran who wrote in Swedish but lived in Finland.

Here’s the poem of today. Enjoy it in English translation by Herbert Lomas.

This blog will activate in the near future, in May at the latest. Until then, take care! Arja


Poem for the day


I want to let go –
so I don’t give a damn about fine writing,
I’m rolling my sleeves up.
The dough’s rising …
Oh what a shame
I can’t bake cathedrals …
that sublimity of style
I’ve always yearned for …
Child of our time –
haven’t you found the right shell for your soul?
Before I die I shall
bake a cathedral.

Edith Sodergran (1892 – 1923)
translated by Herbert Lomas